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At Yellow Tree Theatre, our goal is to present plays that represent a diverse range of voices. We believe the beauty of story-telling lies in the wide breadth of the human experience. Each play portrays characters that come from different backgrounds with different vernaculars, which may feel familiar and relatable to some, and unfamiliar and unrelatable to others. We also recognize that the term “offensive” is a subjective one, as each audience member comes to our theater with varying sensitivities. Please read below for more information on the content of our upcoming Season 12. If you have additional concerns about content after reading below, we encourage you to call our box office.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

by Simon Stephens
based on the novel by Mark Haddon
September 13th – October 13th

Synopsis: In this Tony Award-winning play based on the bestselling novel by Mark Haddon, 15-year-old Christopher Boone has a brilliant mind but struggles to understand the basic emotional relationships of the people around him. After discovering his neighbor’s dog is murdered, Christopher resolves to uncover the killer and in the process embarks on a remarkable journey of self-discovery.

Thoughts to consider: The character of Christopher in both the book and the play has often been labeled “autistic” and many audiences have described this play as being about a person with autism. And while we want to acknowledge that possibility, we also recognize that no two people with autism are the same, and therefore, with this production, we are not seeking to fully illustrate what being an autistic person may look like. It is our goal to present the character of Christopher as authentically as possible, as a person with challenges (like every human) who has to work hard to overcome those challenges. Both the author of the novel and the author of this play do not label Christopher as a boy with “autism,” but rather, a uniquely brilliant and fascinating individual who moves through the world in his own distinct way. Mark Haddon says, “If anything it’s a novel about difference, about being an outsider, about seeing the world in a surprising and revealing way. It’s as much a novel about us as it is about Christopher.” (To learn more, visit Mark Haddon’s blog post HERE.)

We also want to acknowledge that some audience members may identify Christopher as being an autistic person, and it is our hope that we portray his story as respectfully and authentically as possible.

And so, we bring you, quite simply, a boy. A boy whose entire life journey is much more fascinating than what he may or may not have been born with. We hope you will join us on this adventure, and that Christopher’s story will touch your heart as much as it has touched ours.

For more information on the story, please read this informative AUDIENCE GUIDE put together by the Village Theater.

Age recommendation: This play contains the use of strong language, mostly in the beginning, when Christopher discovers the neighbor’s dog has been killed. This play is based on a novel that is often taught in high schools. We recommend this play for teenagers and adults. If you would like more specifics, please call the box office.

Another Miracle on Christmas Lake

by Jessica Lind Peterson
November 8th – December 29th

Synopsis: A hilarious sequel to the smash hit comedy Miracle on Christmas Lake! Join Martha, Neil and some zany new characters as they try to save their beloved town of Christmas Lake, Minnesota from annexation. A Hollywood location scout arrives, hailing Christmas Lake the perfect spot to film a new adaptation of It’s a Wonderful Life. Colin and Tess scramble to put on a sparkly pageant that will draw tourists and hilarity ensues. This play is a fun, zany comedy with lots of Minnesota-themed humor.

Age recommendation: This play contains some innuendo and kissing, but it’s mostly silly. We recommend this play for ages 10 and up. (Please note, we will not admit children younger than 5.)

Skeleton Crew

by Dominique Morisseau
January 31st – March 1st

Synopsis: At the start of the Great Recession, one of the last auto stamping plants in hard-hit Detroit is on shaky ground and four workers are forced to chose how to move on if the plant goes under. Shanita, a second-generation plant worker, has to support herself and her unborn child. Faye, a union rep on the line for 29 years, faces homelessness. Dez, young and hot-headed, has dreams bigger than the plant but ambition has made him reckless. Power dynamics shift as the plant’s closing becomes imminent, and their foreman, Reggie, is torn between doing right by his work and family, and by the red tape in his office. Skeleton Crew is an emotionally bracing and relevant story of working class survival amidst the eroding American dream. 

Age recommendation: This play takes place in the break room of an auto stamping plant in Detroit and contains strong language and adult situations. Characters are about to lose their livelihood, which results in some intense emotional situations. We recommended this play for high school-aged audiences and up. Please call the box office for more specifics.

Sherwood | The Adventures of Robin Hood

by Ken Ludwig
April 10th - May 10th

Synopsis: A reimagined and rollicking new take on the legend featuring raucous comedy, amorous exploits, and gags galore! Packed with thrills, romance, laughter and immortal characters like Maid Marian, Little John, and Friar Tuck, this brightly colored adaptation proves that Sherwood is as alive as ever. This time around, Maid Marian is no damsel in distress, but a whip smart diplomat and an even better archer than her hooded counterpart. Join Robin’s merry men and women as they champion the underdog and fight for justice.

Age recommendation: This play contains innuendo, sword fighting, burps, and general tomfoolery. We recommend this play for ages 10 and up. (Please note, we will not admit children younger than 5.)