Wait, what is that?

Yellow Tree Theatre is bringing high school students together from around the Twin Cities area to create their own plays - but you only have 24 hours! Each participant will be part of a team consisting of a director, a playwright, a tech director, and a cast of actors. Together, each team will create a fully realized 10 minute play to be produced on Yellow Tree's stage! The time limit isn’t the only catch, however. Each “role” will face their own unique challenge that will be revealed during the course of the event. Not only will you leave with a performance under your belt and a ton of new friends - you will also gain experience with real theatre professionals as they mentor and guide you through this caffeine-fueled day. So what are you waiting for?! Wash out your favorite coffee mug and register today!


The 24 Hour Play Festival is now scheduled for June 15-16, 2017.

For more information, please contact us at:

763-493-8733 | boxoffice@yellowtreetheatre.com